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Inside Lone Wolf

"Help me build the shop and I’ll teach you how to tattoo.”
   That was Albert Sgambati’s offer to Ronald Bianco, which helped bring Lone Wolf Tattoo to life more than 15 years ago. Since his first tattoo at the age of 15, Ron knew that tattooing was a skill 
he wanted to learn. If nothing else, it would keep him in smokes if he were ever in the joint.  The dedication and hard work of Albert, Ron, and Andrea Anderson have since made Lone 
Wolf Tattoo one of Long Island’s premier tattoo parlors. Albert eventually relocated to California after turning over the reigns to Andrea. In 2010 Andrea decided it was her time to move on.  
After managing the shop for years, Ron, who has never been one to shy away from a good opportunity, is now the owner. 
  It’s the dawning of a new era.  Ron and his enthusiastic staff are looking forward to building on Lone Wolf’s already high level of artistry and customer satisfaction.   In addition to the 
regular staff, guest artists sit in at various times. Albert and Andrea also pop in now and again to do some work. Call the shop to find out when they are available. You can keep up to date
with the goings ons at the shop by joining us on Facebook  or giving us a call at 516-221-9085
  At Lone Wolf Tattoo the versatile staff makes sure that there is something for everyone. Ask anyone who has had work done at Lone Wolf and you are sure to get an enthusiastic 
response. Better yet, stop by the shop and check out the work for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.